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"She's A Very Chinky Girl" BUST Magazine

"A Modern Lenny Bruce" San Francisco Bay Guardian

"The most fearless, versatile and talented comedian of color since Whoopi Goldberg and John Leguizamo" NOW Magazine

"Delivering a slick send up of Asian stereotypes, Rigg's comedy packs a political wallop" The Globe and Mail

"Truly a force to be reckoned with - outrageously funny song parodies, characterizations, political satire, rap and the very fly Chinkorama dancers" Spotlight on Top Ten Comedians in New York, Backstage Magazine

Kate in New York City.  Photo by Jon Simon

Welcome to Kate Rigg's all purpose multiculti mixed breed cross referenced post po-mo supercharged Asian American comedy and information emporium. Or if you haven't taken your ritalin yet: "Kate Rigg's New Web Site".

The web address of Kate's Chink-O-Rama, Slanty Eyed Mama, Birth of a nASIAN, Kate Rigg standup comedian, Kate Rigg serious Juilliard trained actor with an actual resume, Kate Rigg ex-Torontonian, ex-Melbournian, current bi coastal New Yorker, writer of plays and screenplays and questionably lyrical poetry, hostess of events, pop-culture vulture multimedia friend to freaks misfits and underdogs everywhere hapa feng shui consultant writer of articles on politics and culture, comedy impresaria and fashion victim slash tacky ghetto fabulous scenester.

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Read Kate's kultural diary. Quite trashy.

Read about adventures in creating a Nuyorasian voice and A/PI pop culture on the road with Kate. Quite interesting and academic.

"See what is inside Kate's Pantry in this poverty jet set blog about eating what you got before you gotta shop!"

"Kate's naming and Branding website"


 Kate Rigg was the executive producer of "Dance Your Ass Off" on Oxygen TV, NBC's cable affiliate. It was the highest rated show on the network and its interactive site with rave reviews in its freshman season.

  Kate worked on several episodes of the Dr. Phil Show episodes including specials on "Race" "The Rudeness Epidemic" and "How to Spot A Liar"


 Kate created and produced "Skinny Dip"--fabulous theatrical couture shows at Soho House New York for a slew of NYC based design houses including Ungaro, Matthew Williamson, Diane VonFurstenberg, La Perla, Haute Hippie, Calypso and featuring some of NYC's finest talent culled from Lincoln Center to the Bowery.

 Kate was in residence at the Mark Taper forum's Playwright's Lab with "Hungry Ghosts" a new full length play.


 Kate Rigg was profiled in the first ever Asian American Encyclopedia of pop culture which was published in 2008!

 Slanty Eyed Mama will be playing the MIchigan Womyn's Music Festival this Summer....


 Kate is on LOGO's One Night StandUp Episode 6 along with the music of Slanty Eyed Mama airing now in a R version and PG version

 Kate and Slanty Eyed Mama spoke and performed at the Mixed Race Conference at De Paul University in 2010 as well as Harvard and Old Dominion University


 Kate was artist in residence at the Smithsonian's Freer Sackler galleries in 2006 and 2007 with Slanty Eyed Mama.

 In 2011 She appears in the upcoming feature film "That's What She Said" with Anne Hehe as well as the series SVU as asst. ME Ali DiLeo

Mailing List... Send an email to kate@katerigg.com to get on the list.

(Don't worry it's still a non-obnoxious, low key affair which only mails out the important stuff like book launches and pool parties.)

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